The Stables

Jack Jarrett Architects

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Sat in the heart of Marshfield Conservation Area in South Gloucestershire, this contemporary addition to The Stables was inspired by the local vernacular, where slatted timber screens have traditionally been used to provide cladding, ventilation screens and shading to agricultural buildings.

The owners were seeking to modernise the property and augment the living accommodation with more adequate provision, and with a small, overshaded plot we developed a design to maximise natural light into the newly created spaces. The extension takes advantage of orientation to place the bedroom to the cooler, north facing elevation, affording it both privacy from the south-facing access, and views to the garden. To the south a Western Red Cedar brise soleil provides solar shading and privacy.

Timber was chosen as one of the main materials not solely due to its aesthetic qualities, but also because it is one of the principal renewable resources in the construction sector. Timber can be locally sourced from a number of suppliers, reducing transportation costs (fiscally and environmentally) and ensuring that there is a low embodied energy in the structure: timber has the lowest embodied CO2 of any commercially available building material.

Timber frame is a perfect fit with the clients' low carbon agenda, making it much easier to achieve very high insulation levels, fewer defects and increased air tightness, all with extremely low embodied energy.


Client: Private domestic

Location: Marshfield

Status: Completed (2014)