St Thomas Day Nursery

Jack Jarrett Architects

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A feasibility study on behalf of St Thomas Day Nursery to extend and renovate their existing building in Oxford, which is in a state of poor repair.

A number of options were to be considered, ranging from full-scale demolition and rebuild, to an extension and internal reconfiguration, to a limited programme of internal works. A shared space initiative was proposed, with a cafe serving both the Nursery and the adjacent Church of St Thomas the Martyr, helping to reanimate an otherwise placid streetscape.

A slatted timber facade provides privacy to the nursery spaces upstairs, framing views out into the world, and helping the nursery settle into its context. A better defined outside play area allows the children a greater sense of space and security.

The designs were worked up from extensive site and environmental analyses, using the Sure Start Design Guide to ensure workable, well-thought out designs.


Client: St Thomas Day Nursery

Location: Oxford

Design Team: Matthew Clay Architects

Status: Feasibility (2011)