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Services we provide

We know that designing and building an exciting new space can be a daunting task. Not sure where to begin? We deliver a wide range of architectural services to help you with any phase of your project - from concept design and planning, through detailed design and construction until completion and post-occupancy - ensuring peace of mind from start to finish. And for us, that’s always when you’re completely happy.

Underpinning our approach is a respect for what our clients and users are trying to achieve. We base each appointment on the RIBA's Plan of Work, which organises the process of briefing, designing, constructing, maintaining, operating and using building projects into a number of key stages to help minimise and control risk

Every project is unique, and we tailor our appointments to each specific situation to suit the needs of our clients. Below are our typical steps in helping you achieve your vision:

Stage 0: Consultation

We offer a free consultation for prospective clients within half an hour of our Trowbridge studio, where we'll explain the processes needed to transform your idea into a built reality. We'll discuss the particulars of your project, offering advice regarding architectural responses, indicative budgets, programme and the necessary next steps, including our fees.

For a consultations further afield, we may make a nominal charge to cover our costs. This fee is refunded however if we are subsequently appointed for your project.


We tailor our fees to suit your specific brief and requirements following an initial consultation to discuss your ideas, and will never force services upon you that we do not think you need. Our proposed fees are aligned to each ‘Work Stage’ as defined by the RIBA Plan of Work 2013, and appointments will be managed on a step-by-step basis to ensure you're not signed up to future services that you do not wish to commit to. We try to make our fees transparent and easy to comprehend from start to finish, giving you an early forecast of professional and statutory fees, as well as potential building costs to help you budget from the outset.

Stages 1-2: Initial Appraisals

Where the fun begins! We know there is never one solution to any brief, and as such we typically begin each project working with to producing a number of sketch proposals which respond to your aspirations and budget. This preliminary design exercise tests your brief and provides you with a number of possible solutions to it, allowing you to appraise the merits of each design. This exercise should allow you to decide how you wish to proceed with the design, and whether or not you'll require planning permission, listed building consent, or if works can be completed under Permitted Development.

We'll always recommend that we base this stage on accurate information, so we'll approach surveyors on your behalf if you haven't already got this to hand.

Stage 3: Developed Design

Once the design principles have been agreed and approved, we will develop drawings and supporting documents before submitting these to the Local Authority on your behalf. We pride ourselves in the quality and rigour exercised in the production of our drawings and supporting documents.

We will advise you in advance if any other further reports or surveys are required from other consultants, to satisfy the local authority validation criteria.

Stage 4: Technical Information

We are able provide a thorough and complete set of construction drawings and specifications for your project. We coordinate all our information with other consultants to provide a comprehensive set of information, which will address the necessary Building Regulations requirements and can be used to obtain an accurate tender price from contractors.


We can invite a handful of suitable contractors to price for your project from our approved list. We’ll provide the builders with all the information they would need to accurately price from, including drawings, specifications and contract documents. We can manage a competitive tender process on your behalf, assess the tenders and make an independent recommendation for your approval. We can also advise upon the procurement route and contract most appropriate for your project.

Stage 5: The Build

We can impartially administer a contract between you and your chosen contractor to ensure delivery of the project. We’ll carry out site visits, inspect and certify the work, so you only pay for work that has been done properly. And when it’s all done, you can relax and enjoy that wonderful moment that inspired you to come and discuss your dream with us.

Next Steps

Still not sure where to begin? Call us for a chat on 01225 800688 or email us at studio@jackjarrett.co.uk - we’re always happy to talk through an idea and see where we might be able to help you.

We've also provided a short guide to our services here, if you'd prefer a print version.