Jack Jarrett Architects

Material Handbook

Working with Unit 04's Professional Diploma in Architecture students at the The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in London, Jack curated this Material Handbook, documenting new and emerging materials, alternative forms of fabrications, novel tectonics and exemplary pioneering prototypes of innovative architecture.

A comprehensive research into new materialism looked to foster a new expressionism in architecture, allowing the design of buildings to work with the materials' qualities to create inherent richness in projects, rather than retrospectively cladding or finishing buildings in superficial skins. Researched materials included acetobacter Xylinum, Airloy, biological concrete, DendroLight, mycelium, and Zeoform, with each material empirically evaluated to display its strengths and weakness, weighted against its contemporaries.

An array of new fabrication techniques and systems was documented, such as 3D printing, CNC, solar sintering and automation, revealing a considerable array of alternative approaches to construction and manufacture.

A sample of case-study projects provide both a set of ground-breaking prototypes which have explored new methods of production, which have gone on to become de facto methods of today and tomorrow across architecture, product design and manufacturing.


Research team: Thomas Bestwick, Nancy Bodson, Marios Chatzidoukakis, James Eden, Arrash Fakouri, Sebastian Gey, Jack Jarrett, Michael Kattirtzis, Bharat Pankhania, Will Pohl, Giray Sahin, Pete Williams

Status: Research (2013)