Marshfield High Street

Jack Jarrett Architects

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This early-mid nineteenth century Grade II listed property is typical of many mid-terrace houses, with a layout of sensible, well-proportioned rooms increasingly fractured with a series with well-intended, but poorly executed, extensions over the years. Originally envisaged as a serviceable yard with outbuildings, the external space had been converted over the years to a garden, which had no relationship to the rear of the house.

The new owners wished to modernise the property and turn it into a home with more usable living space, linking the house to its garden. The small-scale intervention consolidated living arrangements at ground floor, taking advantage of the generous garden setting with glazed sliding/folding doors.

A simple linking corridor helped incorporate the existing outbuildings into the property, providing a working environment for the family, and creating a small courtyard between the house and garden.

Works also included renovating the property elsewhere, retaining as much of the original fabric as possible, while removing incongruous additions to help restore the house to its former glory. The dilapidated dormer was replaced with a newly built bathroom with the same footprint, but with better environmental performance, while works to the attic restored and revealed the original roof structure.


Client: Private domestic

Location: Marshfield

Design Team: Matthew Clay Architects, Jack Jarrett Architects, Rymer Design and Detailing

Contractors: Sage Developments

Status: Completed (2014)

Photography: TEK Photography