Jack Jarrett Architects

Our ethos

We aim to make every project sustainable, through our commitment to considered design. We advocate passive techniques and design for maximum social, economic and environmental value. Whether a sustainable new build or improvement of an existing building, we can devise simple, robust solutions that minimise energy use, impact and running costs in the whole life cycle of your project.

All projects should contribute positively to their context, and as such each must consider social, economic and environmental factors. Sustainability is inherent in good architecture, responding to both the environmental characteristics of its site and the brief’s requirements, but also engaging people, encouraging them to understand, interact, enjoy and work with their buildings. This holistic approach allows us to reduce embodied energy and running costs without resorting to tokenism and retrospective gestures, while looking at the life-cycle of a building to ensure its purpose meets future needs.

We embrace the poetics of green architecture, seeking inspiration from local historical vernaculars and using their materials and forms to inspire ours. Considerate detailing, durable material palettes which age gracefully to reveal patinas and character, add drama and qualities to buildings which seek to inspire use over generations.

An empirical knowledge of environmental design allows us to use these principles from the design stage onwards. With a comprehensive understanding of environmental software, we’re able to produce daylight and sunlight assessments for small-scale planning, while through collaboration with leading environmental and services engineers we are able to quantify energy use and develop strategic approaches for larger schemes. Early engagement with these professionals is encouraged to allow the constraints and principles to inform and drive designs.

Our ideas are backed up by success, having previously worked on schemes awarded with such accolades as the RIBA Downland Prize, RTPI Planning Excellence Award, and Building for Life Awards.