Bath Wellness Centre

Jack Jarrett Architects

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Our competition entry aimed to help break the taboos around mental health. The design is displayed prominently in a public context, at one of the key gateways into Bath City centre, so that its very presence begins to educate wider society of an affliction which affects 1 in 4 of us.

A detailed analysis of architecture and mental well-being was undertaken which examined activities and therapies considered conducive to well-being, and thus the building began to differ from traditional institutes. A collection of educational, creative, medical and residential spaces gather around a central courtyard, offering users a variety of tools to help empower them in taking autonomy over their lives.

Art studios and exhibition spaces allow individual expression; a library, seminar rooms and lecture hall for academia; roof allotments offer therapy and provide nutrition; while a succession of ‘kuti’ - inspired by Buddhist mediation huts - allow users ownership of counselling spaces while still maintaining a degree of refuge and sanctity.

Conscious of its role for societal well-being, the building generates routes through the scented garden to reintegrate Kingsmead Court to the south back to the city. restorative experience.


Location: Bath

Status: Competition entry (2010)